Partial Client List

Albert Einstein Medical Center
Cultural Diversity, Autonomy and End of Life Care Planning

American Hospice Foundation & District of Columbia Partnership
Grief at School: A Strategic Plan for the DC School System

ANSER Institute for Homeland Security
Paper: Bio-defense Spending, (Century Foundation)
Paper: Reconstructing the Nation's Public Health System, 2003
(Smith- Richardson Foundation)

Alaska Division of Public Health
State-wide public health system assessment using NPHPSP

Arkansas Department of Health
Statewide Learning Session: Essential Public Health Services, Performance Measurement and Public Health Competencies

Association of Public Health Laboratories
National Survey of Public Health Laboratories
National Laboratory Standards: Feasibility Study, system standards development, implementation, training and evaluation
Conducted laboratory system assessments in 9 states Development and field-testing of laboratory standards and improvement system for Canadian provincial laboratories

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention
Facilitation: Health Alert Network Meeting
Facilitation: Health Alert Network Coordinators' Meeting
Design: Regional Preparedness Meetings

Clackamas County Health Department - Oregon
Design & Facilitation: Visioning Toward a Healthy Clackamas County
Facilitation of strategic planning and community health improvement planning for accreditation

Denver Health
Facilitation: Conference on Performance Standards
Design & Facilitation: Public Health Practice Improvement Initiative

District of Columbia Department of Health
Performance Measurement and Strategic Improvement Plan, Diabetes
Prevention and Control System

Georgia Division of Public Health
Co-Design & Facilitation with Georgia State University Center for Health
Policy and Dannemiller-Tyson: Transformation of the Georgia State Public
Health System

King County, Washington

Development: Public Health Operational Master Plan

Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, Kentucky
Organizational Assessment

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Identifying Outcomes and Developing Capacity for the 10 Essential Public Health Services

Northern Plains Consortium (Public Health Laboratories from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming)
Facilitated and supported development of a Rural Public Health Laboratory System Initiative across the four states

Nuclear Threat Initiative - Biologics Division
Tool Development: Local Bioterrorism Preparedness Checklist

Oklahoma Department of Health
Assisted with beginning development of state Public Health Improvement plan

Oregon Conference of Local Health Officials
Strategic Planning

Oregon Department of Human Services - Public Health
Local Health Department Performance Assessment/State Statutes Assessment
Oregon State Public Health System PerformanceAssessment
Emergency Medical Services Strategic Planning
Local Public Health Preparedness Assessment
Maternal & Child Health Performance Assessment: State & Local
State Immunization System Performance Assessment
Maternal & Child Health State Priorities Identification
Assessment of emergency services for children statewide
Reviewed feasibility of expanded scope of practice for paramedics in rural areas
Facilitated resolution of licensure challenge for a residential facility

South Central Public Health Leadership Insitute, Tulane School of Public Health
Learning sessions regarding Essential Public Health Services, Performance Measurement and Competencies

Tulsa City-County Health Department
Facilitated a public health system assessment using NPHPSP
Facilitated creation of Pathways to Health Partnership with the LHD and local partners

University of Washington, NW Center for Public Health Practice
Faculty: NW Public Health Leadership Institute
Design: Executive Training Institute
Hot Topics Design and Facilitation
Resource Development
Borders Conferences (Canadian provinces and NW States)
Design & Facilitation: Emergency Preparedness
Design & Facilitation: Avian Flu Pandemic Preparation
Kansas Health Foundation Investment Assessment, Feasibility Study
Kansas Health Foundation Investment Assessment

US Department of Health & Human Services
Review & Analysis: State Preparedness Plan Reviews, Identification of Best Practices

Wasco County Health Department - Mid Columbia Medical Center, Oregon
Design: Collaboration Toward a Healthy Community

Washington State Department of Health
Facilitation: Washington State Association of Local Public Health Officials and Washington State Department of Health Joint Retreat

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